Crime Data on demand

We currently don’t provide API level access to our crime data.

You can use our crime data via a Bulk File available as CSV, GeoJSON and Shapefile.

What’s included in our Crime Data?

99% national coverage of over 4 million+ crimes over 5+ years granulated into 12 crime scores with trends and forecasts. –
Access via Bulk file download. Bulk file contains last year data.

99% Coverage

Sophisticated and current crime related data—collected from a variety of local AU law enforcement agencies

12 Crime Scores

For each type of crime in every suburb. Murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft.

4 Million+ Crimes

Hundreds algorithms process reported crimes into nationally comparable crime data of unprecedented accuracy

5+ Years Trends

Unlock crime trends and forecasts to see if any location is declining or rising