Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Were is the map data coming from?
A: Crime data sourced from State Police Service public datasets and population data comes from 2021 ABS Census.

Q: How is Crime Rank calculated?
A: Crime Rank is % of how many suburbs are better based on number of crimes and their severity proportionate to the suburb population.

Q: Over which period is the data shown?
A: Crime data is annual 2023 data and population data is from 2021 ABS Census.

Q: There is so much crime! Is Australia sinking in crime, are we doomed?
A: No, the crime levels compared on national level. Australia in general is a rather safe country globally ranked #27. UK is #35, USA is #129, India is #134, Canada is #12 and New Zealand is #2 according to 2023 statistics.

Q: Do you have crime data for every state and territory in Australia?
A: At the moment Red Suburbs cover over 97% of Australian population, but we are still missing data for NT and TAS. We are working hard to make that data available.

Q: Can I use your data for my project?
A: Yes, you can find our API and Bulk-file options here. It is not allowed to re-distribute that data.

Q: I see a mistake, can you fix it?
A: Yes, please report it with “Send Feedback” button or just email to!