Brisbane Crime Suburbs – Top 5 (2022)
Alex ChernovBy Alex Chernov
31 May 2022

Brisbane Crime Suburbs – Top 5 (2022)

If you rent or plan to buy it is important to know crime situation in your target area. These are top 5 Brisbane crime suburbs and their detailed statistics.

Brisbane CBD – Crime Rank 100

Population: 9460
Total Crimes: 8391

Largest by population the Brisbane CBD area is also highest in crime. Yearly cases of theft, disorderly & offensive conduct and drug offences are in thousands. With high activity and cultural life in the area high crime comes as well.

Brisbane crimes: Theft - 2924, Disorderly and offensive conduct - 1671, Drug dealing and trafficking - 1108. Assault and related offences - 485, Deception - 483

Fortitude Valley – Crime Rank 93

Population: 6978
Total Crimes: 5275

This is only suburb in our top 5 that has disorderly & offensive conduct higher than theft. This is most probably related to famous night life of Fortitude Valley. Sadly night life also creates crimes, often in intoxicated state.

Fortitude Valley crimes: Disorderly and offensive conduct - 1689, Theft - 1129, Drug dealing and trafficking - 827, Assault and related offences - 477, Property damage - 257.

South Brisbane – Crime Rank 52

Population: 3226
Total Crimes: 1141

South Brisbane area while still have Theft as prime category of crime also has particularly large share of drug related offences. Break and entry category also has larger share. This area while providing large number of cultural and entertainment events obviously has it’s share of problems.

Bowen Hills crimes: Theft - 439, Drug dealing and trafficking - 258, Burglary/Break and enter - 85, Disorderly an offensive conduct - 82. Transport regulation offences - 82.

Bowen Hills – Crime Rank 52

Population: 7196
Total Crimes: 2345

With similar picture to others in our top 5 of Brisbane crime suburbs, it has differences. Most important to notice significantly larger share of assaults and related offences in Bowen Hills. This can be a red flag for renting in the area and signal that is it not family friendly.

South Brisbane crimes: Theft - 910, Drug dealing and trafficking - 314, Disorderly and offensive conduct - 302, Assault and related offences - 183, Burglary/Break and enter - 168.

Woolloongabba – Crime Rank 48

Population: 5631
Total Crimes: 1575

The primary highlight for Woolloongabba crime is very large share of break and enter crimes #3 and other property damage crimes #4. This can be a red flag for property ownership in that suburb.

Woolloongabba crimes: Theft - 663, Drug dealing and trafficking - 204, Burglary/Break and enter - 164, Property damage - 110, Assault and related offences - 94.

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